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For the last couple of years I've been writing music for Gibson Guitars & Brands UK / Europe for the internet & co-producing with Olivier Behzadi.


Whenever the good folks of Gibson need a bit of sound bed music or something to accompany some visuals they come to me & I do my best to come up with something appropriate!


Just to the right there you'll see a Youtube playlist of all the stuff I've managed to find that's been used so far.





This is Cyberstage >>>>>


They work with Gibson to allow you to grab a Les Paul and in three skill levels (from zero to hero) jump around in front of a green screen & be transported to anywhere. This is the stuff they shot at comicon, hence the Sci-fi vibe.


I wrote, recorded & produced the music with Olivier Behzadi. Quite a challenge - creating something exciting for those three skill levels that still sounds like something you might wanna listen to!


Great concept!







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