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// What the students say:


"I have had Jimmy teaching me guitar for around 6/7 years and I've thoroughly enjoyed every lesson. His unique teaching style makes even the most challenging pieces both fun and easy to learn. Jimmy manages to get the ratio between learning songs and theory just right, so learning never becomes boring or a chore. He is an incredibly versatile musician, having taught me everything from metal to acoustic with ease. He is an excellent teacher with a lot of patience, and can instantly adapt teaching his methods to suit individuals as he is always aware when a particular learning process isn't working for you. Overall Jimmy is a fantastic teacher with a lot of insight to the guitar and music in general."


"very, very, very, very good, super, the best guitar lessons in the world"



// What the parents say:


"Jimmy has always been a polite, punctual, reliable guitar teacher, who I have never had a problem with trusting to teach in my household, as a parent I felt was important as my son, James, was 12 when Jimmy first begun teaching him. I always felt confident in his ability to teach him and it was easy to see the improvements in James' guitar skills. Jimmy has never given me a reason to question his methods or his results. It is also worth noting that he handles manic pets very well!”



“Passionate, enthusiastic, big smiles, reliable , totally inspiring , flexible and loads of fun. He is the best! Highly recommended!”



“We feel extremely pleased that we have found a guitar teacher, who not only teaches the basics, but inspires his pupils. We are so grateful that Toby is so motivated and has made a connection with his guitar. Practicing is not a chore for him because he loves the music he is playing. So in a relatively short time Toby has made huge progress”.

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