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I'm around and lurking for all your recording and live guitar sessions, electric or acoustic - pop/rock/blues/country.

Hit play on the Spotify player above & you can hear some stuff I've done


I've played with/for:


Divinity Roxx

Thomas Lang

The 202

Mike Rutherford (Genesis)

Nick Davis (XTC)

Susie Wilkins

Broken Witt Rebels

Austrian Audio

Hugo Valentine

Beldon Haigh

Gibson Guitars

Elliot Kennedy (Steelworks Studios)

The Reason4

Helen Anderson

Charlotte Lubbock


Andy Murray & Pete Kirtley (Snowflakers)

Tam johnstone (General Store)

Jo Partridge (War of the Worlds)

Paul Reeve (MUSE)

Johnny Cowling

Kev Jefferies (Roger Taylor)

Steph Marshall

I have a big ol' stack of gear including Gibson, Fender, Gretsch, Danelectro, Ibanez, acoustics, baritone, dobro etc.... fender amps,  LOGICX, GuitarRig & Austrian Audio mics.

I pride myself in efficient turn around with high quality results, no ego, just what you need when you need it.

Whatever you need - I can record it at home or in the studio or play it live for you.

Ping me a message in the contact page for rates.






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